MaterialsEuroRoads is a forum for European keyplayers in the field of foresight and forecast of developments in materials technology. Most of the institutions and stakeholders involved in this network are listed under "links". MaterialsEuroRoads developed from the former Specific Support Action SMART, which was a roadmapping project within the 6th Frameworkprogramme. The goal of MaterialsEuroRoads is to strengthen Europes position in materials technology and research by setting up a network between different European strategic materials actions and to enable a dialogue between keyplayers in foresight and funding agencies, ministries and private investors.

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MaterialsEuroRoads Newsletter Issue 1 available in section "News".

The latest Business Lunch Talk was held in Brussels on the 26th January 2016.

Presentations were given by Dr. Rositta Cottone (BMBF), Achilleas Stalios (EU, DG Research), Didier VanDEn Abeele (CEA), Klaus-Michael Weltring (TU Dresden).

They gave an overview of current activities about "KIC - added value manufacturing", "Emerging and Strategic Technologies for Healthcare", "New MaterialsConcepts for Nonvolatile Data Storage".

The MaterialsEuroRoads Network is not a closed shop. However membership is limited to European keyplayers in the area of foresight/ forecast of materials innovations. If you are such a keyplayer and wish to actively participate in this network then send us your membership application which should consist of a CV and a short description of your recent and ongoing materials foresight activities (